Who we are

Here at Underground Tattoo's I strive to please my customers with the best tattoo's around. I am a dedicated tattoo artist who enjoys watching a piece of art come together. I specialize in color but I am good at grey wash as well.

Underground Tattoo's first opened its doors in New Iberia, Louisiana in 2010.  Since opening, it has moved its operations to the heart of the Lone Star State, Dallas, Texas.

Underground Tattoo's is owned and operated by Jonathan Johnson. I have been licensed for 8 years. I was raised in Dallas but lived in Louisiana for a few years, but I am glad to be back home. My love for ink is almost as great as my love for music. I listen to all genre's of music, from oldies to country to rock and rap.  I also play the keyboard and guitar and I am pretty good with the vocals.